It frustrates me that people trust doctors to fix them…Medical Doctors…Seriously?

Doctors used to know your whole family history. Who your parents were, where your grandparents got their groceries from and who their neighbours were and if they were friends too…you know…the WHOLE picture.

Nowadays you’re lucky they can fit you in, and then all they usually do is give you a pain killer, or a cortizone injection, antibiotic or a script for statins, I’ve even heard some of my clients complain that their doctor asked THEM what was wrong with them!


The Medical Schools have been infiltrated, albeit very subtly, by being funded by the large pharmaceutical companies. So over a period of time, nudge nudge, the focus has shifted to …guess what? Using pharmaceutical drugs for everything. Doctors now listen to the pharmaceutical companies’ reps about what to use for their patients. Really…and the rep is a doctor too?

This just gets to me.

Doctors spend most of their twenties studying the most intricate of details about the human body. Then they decide what they’re going to specialise in and spend some more time studying that in detail. Losing the most important detail – the fact that everything works together and that we’re not only a physical machine. We have a mind, emotions and a soul and it is in the harmony of all of these that make us function well or not.

Just because a doctor is well versed in all the terminology of all the different parts of the body and their scientific names and functions does not qualify him or her to lable you with the name of an illness, disease or dysfunction if they don’t know that you’ve just lost your spouse, or you’ve been stressing for weeks over the new deal, or you don’t nourish yourself well enough every day (they’ve only done 2 weeks of nutrition in all their years and years of study, so it’s obviously not that important).

Most of them don’t have the time to go into gaining the knowledge of these things from you anyway. If you’re seriously ill, they will do blood tests, but even this does not give them your emotional and mental state and how you’re doing in your relationship with your suicidal friend.

And yet people trust them implicitly to be able to fix them. Where does this come from? This attitude of the doctor knows much more than me, so he’ll fix me?

People have given their power away to the medical profession. My doctor knows better than me what is wrong with me. Really? And when did you stop knowing yourself better than your doctor? When did you stop listening to what your body is telling you? When did you stop trusting yourself to know when to stop and rest? To stop eating the foods that make you feel bad? And then you run to the doctor and expect him to fix you!

That REALLY makes me mad.

YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING in your life. From what you put into your mouth, to how much you stress, sleep, exercise and how you think. And guess what? All of these determine how healthy or not you are. We’ve lost the basic knowledge of what’s good for us that our grandparents had. We’re now trusting a myriad of professional experts to know better. And everything has moved away from being in harmony with our own natures and that of the natural cycles of Mother Nature that we are a part of. We’re not separate from Nature and our Mother Earth, we’re a part of her ecosystem. We have forgotten. And it’s to our detriment.

Our health and that of our planet’s environment is suffering because we’ve removed and separated ourselves out of the natural way of things.

Your doctor doesn’t know better. You do. If you go to the trouble of listening to yourself and your body, mind and emotions. We need to get back to basics. Kick off our shoes and feel the grass and soil under our feet, not tar and cement. Actually notice the birds and butterflies, not the cars and aeroplanes. Know where our food comes from and how many processes it went through before we chose it to nourish us and whether it actually will.

Doctors are not the same anymore as what they used to be. The whole medical industry is now geared towards making money from you being sick…just really look at that..they ACTUALLY need you to be sick for them to make money. The whole system is just wrong.

I’d rather work at staying healthy and go to people that help me do that. Much better concept!

So that is why I help people to help themselves. THAT is my passion.


4 thoughts on “It frustrates me that people trust doctors to fix them…Medical Doctors…Seriously?”

  1. I can totally relate. I was asked to tell my doctors what was wrong with me, just for them not to believe me… Fortunately this taught me the lesson you are talking about: to trust my judgement more than the doctor’s. After all I am the one living and experiencing this body every day and I am the one who is in pain. If I weren’t or if I knew myself how to stop it I would do it.

    1. Thanks for reading Maren! I was like that too and then started to educate myself out of sheer frustration. This eventually led to me chucking up my computer industry job and going off to study natural healing…a 180° turn!

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