My 500 Words Challenge via Goins.Writer

I lost my creative drive for about a period of 2 years after I had to spend hours upon hours for months on end editing video material for a martial arts DVD that we had to compile after our Festival. I just didn’t have the oomph to do anything creative at all after that. It’s only during the last month or so that I’ve even felt like writing anything at all again.

So it was just the right timing when I saw Jeff Goins’ 500 words challenge, a perfect way to get back into a daily writing habit, especially since I’ve recently decided exactly what I would like to write my book/s about!

500words-goinswriter challenge

I’ve always known I’ll be writing a book (or more), but I could never quite get into it as my field of interest is quite broad and I was struggling to zoom into exactly what to write about to make it unique. But now I have my thesis research theme finally sorted and the result of this will definitely be a book. There is a couple of other smaller books in the pipeline too and I’ll expand about them here on my Journal Blog, writing about my journey of struggles and challenges putting it all together, as part of this 31 day challenge, and hopefully it will get me into writing again every day.

So here goes!

We had an in-house natural health student last year so I was actually creating quite a bit of material for her course, but nothing original. However, this did stimulate me in my own studies and at the end of the year I decided to focus my own interests in the area of reflexology, more specifically why our own modality of Reflectology‘s map of the feet differs so much from that of the zone therapy map of reflexology. In essence I will be reverse engineering it as well as bringing in the new 5D chakra system…a very exciting project that will hopefully end in the establishment of a new Healing modality for the New Earth Era…and of course the book defining it.

The reason I have to work backwards is that we’ve severed connections with our original teacher and mentor and the reflexologist that she developed it with has since passed on, so I have no access to any of their work or research. So I’m starting with all the known basics of the present zone reflexology and will then be integrating the newer research and findings on quantum fields as well as the new chakra system with this to bring it all together into a new modality. Exciting stuff!

Then I’m also planning several smaller e-books for general therapeutic and sports massage therapists that will be bringing in energetic body systems, body alignment and body-mind principles. So I will be focussing my attention on creating material for existing health practitioners as well as establishing the base for a new field, but I will also be writing some books on general principles of a healthy natural lifestyle for the general public.

My next step will be to do the outlines for all these different books, and then I’ll be choosing one to focus on to actually write first.

Thank you Jeff!

I See You…I C U…Eye Cee U!!!


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