Free Writing – Pretty much how I write

So I’m on the third day (officially) of the My500Words Challenge and I’m keeping tabs on LIFT which is a very cool community site for helping you keep track of your goals and it is actually quite inspiring. Thanks Jeff!

I’m doing my own thing with my writing but it is interesting to have a look at the suggestions Jeff makes for every day. I’m loosely following it, and really enjoying the daily e-mails too that he sends to inspire, push and motivate you to keep going.

So I’m experimenting a bit today with his suggestion to free-write. Usually I’ve got a pretty good idea what I want to write about and then it just flows, it’s pretty much the way I write, but I have no goal in mind at the moment, I’m just writing whatever is coming into my head. Mostly because I’m pretty tired as I gave treatments to five clients today and had very little sleep last night. Not because of anything spectacular, we simply got stuck into watching all the episodes of the latest season of The Voice last night, it is SOOOO interesting! We absolutely love to watch it and managed to wrestle the decoder remote away from our son who was totally disgusted as we weaned him away from sport for the one day of the week!

We love watching movies and series for most of the year that we do not have our satelite tv decoder on, we mostly do that during our son’s vacations as he is a sport lover and then we’re also actually at home to watch it. During the rest of the year we are almost never at home so it’s a waste. Then we make sure that we’ve downloaded our favourite movies and series and we usually pick a series to binge watch a couple of days in a row during the times we are at home. We’ve recently started to watch the Survivor series like that and decided it’s a much better way to do it rather than wait a week in between episodes!

I discovered Vikings recently and loaded it onto my tablet to watch when the boys are watching sport (boring!) and I pretty much covered the four seasons this holiday. Now I must just get hold of the rest of the recent episodes, can’t wait to see what happens next!

I’ve also gone back in time and discovered that I never watched the Stargate Atlantis Series, so I’m onto that at the moment. Loved Stargate, so it’s great to discover ones I haven’t seen!

I’ve been so tired this last period that I haven’t even played Skyrim for a while. I did manage though to finally finish downloading the rest of the mods that I needed to get it back to the Beautified state I had before I dropped my external hard drive, loosing all the mods and the game that was saved on it. I modded the game to the plan set out in the Skyrim Beautification Project (my original blog post about it is here) – it ended up being a two week full-time project. I now have to inspire myself to do the installation work again so I can go and tour the beautiful landscape in Skyrim again!

Skyrim Beautification Project Wallpaper
Skyrim Beautification Project Wallpaper

So I’ve reached my 500 words in a happy rambling way..kinda how I talk to my clients and friends when I’m catching up, so I can finally go die on my bed now. Hopefully I’ll not be too tired to sleep.

And I did 2 x 500 words today as I planned! Awesome!

See you in Day 4!


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