Reinvention Year

I’ve so been in a rut these past couple of years and I need to just shake myself up a bit this year ’cause I’m tired of being in survival mode… Kinda scary but helluva exciting!

So this means that to be able to pursue my dream of writing I need to be in charge of my bread and butter daily stuff, and this area of my life has been a bit stagnant, so I definitely needed to step it up a bit. So…the minute I committed to the My500Words challenge, I started being busy in my working life! Which is kinda cool… and frustrating at the same time, because now I need to make other time to write as my day is now filled where last year it was quiet enough to fit writing in…

So seeing as my day yesterday suddenly filled up with people needing me for treatments (I’m supposed to still be on holiday and just preparing for starting next week!!!), this piece needed to stand over to be finished today…and hopefully I’ll be able to do two 500 words today – it’s Saturday!

I’ve decided to split my 500 words into 250 here on my Journal blog and the other 250 words on the actual various blogs and books I will be writing. So first of all I need to decide what to do first.

Seeing as I haven’t posted anything on my Basic Balance Blog for more than a year now, this is definitely a priority at the moment. I also need to adjust exactly what I will be writing about there as I need to find a new angle to make it interesting and unique…there are so many blogs and websites that cover the same ground in the natural health field – I need to stand out.

I’ve already homed in on what makes what we do different so now I just need to start somewhere…the beginning would be a good place…as a friend of mine said to me the other day, we need you to explain all these things to us, please, so tell us what you know!

This means I need to identify the basic principles of what makes us different and then break it up into parts that I can write posts about.

There are a lot of things I tell my clients, basics to me, but things most people are not even aware of, so I think this will be a great place to start. I’m going to make a list of them as I go along and then use that as a starting point to write some short but very powerful posts.

I also need to create images to use as headers that will look great shared on all the social platforms as well, summarising the main points and with the blog’s name on. I think this is actually the part that held me back last year as sometimes it can be quite time consuming to create images like that, but I think that seeing that I’ve got my creative spark back now, that it won’t be that difficult anymore and I can try and use mostly my own photographs…I’ve been taking a lot of great photos with this idea in the back of my head over the last period.

This was a cool one!


So here we go!


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