Birth-Year Resolutions and Apps to help with Productivity

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 4

My year has really kicked off at a drop and run rate. I was planning to come to the office a week before we officially started to come and clean and organise, both the space and my thoughts, but for some or other reason people were drastically in need to be sorted out and I ended up starting on Wednesday last week by giving 6 treatments and ending the week by having given 15! Not bad at all for January!

I did manage to clean a bit in between too, but this will be an ongoing project as I am planning to sort out all the various boxes full of papers and stuff that has been standing around for way too long! One a day! One really accumulates way too much stuff when you run your own business. This is really where my birth-year mantra/theme comes in (and I must really practice it every moment): “Do it Immediately”!

Birth-Year Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Years’ Resolutions, they’ve never worked for me because there is too much of a world consciousness of letting them slide. Instead I’ve decided to focus on improving one aspect of my life and focusing on it throughout my Birth Year cycle, starting on my Birthday every year. This way it becomes the theme of my Earth Year (another cool idea – instead of Birthday, Earthday – the day you came to Earth!) and something I work on to live fully every day.

I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator, so I decided to do something about it and made it my Earth Year Mantra two years ago to “Do it Immediately!” I’ve improved but am not quite where I want to be, so I’ve kept it for my Earth Year this year too. And so far it has started to have results. I don’t put off things and when inspiration strikes, I do it immediately. But there are so many things that need to be done in my daily life to improve our living space, working space and relationship, that I’ve decided to focus on one thing at a time and just DO IT and then continuing to the next one. That way I am not swamped by the idea that everything is too much and I’ll never get it done.

I hate diaries as I find it a waste to sometimes just write one thing on a page…but I didn’t like the scraps of paper that were lying around with bits and pieces written on either…

I’m a very visual and creative person so I decided to combine my love for Adult Colouring with Journaling and am creating a new page for every day, on the day, so that it reflects my mood and feeling for that day. The Result – This is what lies in front of me on my desk now, just underneath my computer keyboard, where I spend most of my time in the office…

This stunning doodled background is from Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes

It’s so cool, it’s visually pleasing, I can colour and scribble and make notes on it, AND I’ve got a summary of every day as well as something more lasting to go back to in a file if I’m looking for anything. Personalised Diary/Journal on the fly!

Apps to help me Plan

So the sheet for every day was step one. As I’m now planning a lot of writing and education projects I needed a way to structure both my thinking and my planning. I have a smartphone and a tablet, so I came across some very handy apps to make life a bit easier.

The first one is obviously LIFT that Jeff Goins uses for this My500Words challenge, or Coach.Me (on the Playstore) as it is known. You can set your goal or habit, and check in everyday with a whole community of likeminded people ready to cheer you on. I love it!

When I downloaded the Coach.Me App it listed a lot of similar apps, and I found the following ones to be just the things I needed to make my life  so much easier rather than making notes on Evernote (which I have been using for a while to keep tabs on my various interests).

The first one is a nifty little app to help jot down and expand ideas, Idea Growr. The 2nd one is an Organiser, My Life Organised: To Do List.

So now I’m all set to get all my ducks in a row and actually accomplish some w.r.i.t.i.n.g. !!! (I didn’t do too badly with this post either…more than 750 words! Awesome!)


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