Blog Revamped…and Talking too much…

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 5

As I haven’t been online and giving attention to any of my blogs for such a long time, I had to spend some time re-looking at this blog in particular and how I needed to restructure it to fit in with my use of it as a Journal Blog. So I spent some time redesigning and shuffling and finding the right theme and so on. I needed to update some of the older posts, and add feature images to just make it look a bit better and decided to go with a static front page that shows featured posts as images as I’m a very visually oriented persona and this appealed to me. This meant that I had to adjust descriptions and the About Me page, so I did some rewriting there. It’s reasonably okay now, so I was finally free to actually do some writing!

I’ve been wanting to Journal every day for quite a while now as I do not have a very personal friend at the moment to share all the little details of my daily excitements with, and there’s only so much that you can talk to your husband about *hehe*, otherwise I bubble over whenever I see someone, and sometimes it’s just totally inappropriate…bleh. So this is the perfect destress outlet for me. I discovered a book a couple of years ago that describes the biological differences of men and women and in it they described how men re-charge by going into their man-cave and how woman recharge their energies and destress by talking to their women friends. Bingo! That’s what I was missing! Not that I’m a big talker, as a matter of fact I never was, but I’ve since discovered that my rising sign (in astrology) is Aquarius, I’m a Scorpio, but that is apparently why there are so many Aquarians in my life, namely my husband, and why I have this talkative streak from time to time. Oh dear!

So if I write it out and get rid of it, I won’t want to talk it…I hope! *grin*

I need to get going with the planning of topics for my Health Blog so I can start writing posts for it again, I haven’t touched it in more than a year and that’s not good. I’ve decided to write short posts with a bit of advice, similar to what I tell my clients to do during treatments, so I think I’ll kick off today by making a list of things I usually say to them and take it from there.

Maybe I can write a couple of short posts at a time and then schedule them to post on the days that I choose. That way I can build up a bit to cover for the days that I can’t get to it. I think I’ll start off by posting twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. But I’ll keep writing posts every day and build them up a bit.

Photo Credit: wetwebwork on Flickr

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