About Me

I’m an intellectual.
There…I’ve said it.
I LOOOVEEE books, my Kindle and reading of any kind. I’m not happy if I’m not writing…anything…even a To-Do List!
So that’s why I absolutely LOVE the internet and all the good stuff available on it and all the amazing wonderful people who roam their keyboards and plonk themselves down in front of their video cameras and behind their camera lenses and present us with their awesomeness every day! Our world Rocks doesn’t it?!

I’m also an intuitive and have some psychic ability to tune into the “unseen” world and the other dimensional vibrations. So I love my spirituality and have grown awesomely the last 18 years since I embarked on my spiritual growth journey. For those interested I blog about it at Mirrors & Illusions.

I’m a Natural Health Practitioner and a professional Martial Arts Instructor. We teach Karate, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, as well as work with our clients on a one-on-one basis doing remedial exercise programmes. I blog on Natural Health basics at Basic Balance.

I’m also interested in Graphic Design, Photography (some of my best ones are here on Instagram), I play the Piano and dabble in Crafts…and did I mention I read and write a lot?

I love reading fantasy and watching animated movies. I don’t play computer games, but have become an almost fanatic of Skyrim Elder Scrolls V…just because it is as if I’m walking around in my own animated movie, so I’ve become a tourist in Skyrim

My latest craze is Adult Colouring, and I’m more of the type of person who would draw the pictures to colour in, but right now I don’t have the time (or patience) for that…so I’m making do with collecting pretty pictures of those that do and those that colour them in! You’ll find them on Instagram and if you want to download some awesome free pictures to colour in yourself, or just look at the awesomeness some artists are creating, you can find them all on the humongous Work in Progress at Rainbow Doodlers.


I have a husband and student son…and a Jack Russell by the name of Sparky who hast her own Facebook page…and Instagram account *grin*

We live and work in Worcester in the Western Cape region of South Africa, near Cape Town.



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