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Be Impeccable with your Word

We’ve all heard of and seen people blurbing stuff on Facebook and other social media which they shouldn’t have, and have gotten into trouble for. I’m not the type of person who wishes to share my personal life in all its moments on any social platform, but I understand why it’s important for others, but you have to remember that people who read what you’ve written, see it through their rose-tinted, or sometimes (really) dark glasses, put 1 and 2 together, end with 13 and then pass it on with their spin on it, or comment out of fear, insecurity or boredom.

So sometimes things end up where you haven’t even thought of or would never think, because of other people’s interpretation, perspective or just plain bad manners.

This is why “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz is how I like to live by, and in this case – to be impeccable with my word. Continue reading Be Impeccable with your Word

Are you being seen? | Journey of Questions

I Couldn’t have expressed it better…the reason I named this blog EyeCU…

“Have you seen James Cameron’s movie Avatar? When I left the movie theater I took one sentence with me: “I see you.” Being used as a greeting by the Na’vi it is at the same time the theme, the core of the movie. Everything revolves around this one three word sentence. Who sees whom at which point of the movie and what experiences did it need for them to open their eyes to be able to see. Most of this seeing is a metaphorical process. The Na’vi have two words for seeing. The first one refers to the physical ability, the second one, also used in the greeting, is about an understanding of the other, a seeing on a very deep and even spiritual level.”

Source: Are you being seen? | Journey of Questions

Brilliant Article!

I See You…I C U…Eye Cee U!!!

I Love it when people reach that A-haaa Moment

I’m lucky…I’ve made the shift to do what makes me happy and I’m earning a living doing my passion. It’s not easy, as a matter of fact it’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, but it’s all worthwile because I get to help people every day and that is just the most amazingly rewarding thing…EVER!

The A-haaa Moment

As a martial artist I get to see our students put the pieces together and reach that point where everything suddenly starts to click…and they move on to the next level of understanding and doing. It’s satisfying, especially if you’ve racked your brains to try and find a way of explaining something to them that they’re struggling to grasp, and then it happens and their whole face lights up and they go “Oooooh!!! I seeeee!!!” That is just priceless!

Each person has their own way of understanding and looking at the world and it’s one of my gifts to be able to translate concepts into their language. I have the knack of knowing what their understanding of life is and where they’re at at that moment in time and then relating whatever I have to explain or transfer to them in such a way that they can grasp it. Some people are harder to read, and then it takes a while for it to click, but when it does…oh boy…it’s magic! It’s what I call their A-haaa moment.

In our Health Shop I often have people coming in for advice and I love to help even if they don’t buy something if I don’t have it on the shelf. So I’ll send them to where I know they’ll be able to find it (to the absolute frustration of my husband!) because I just can’t not help them. Each and every one of them are always so thankful, just because they’ve found someone who actually cares, and that to me makes all the difference in the world. We need to care about one another, we’re all in this together, aren’t we? And it’s not always just about making money. I know I have to make a living, but that’s not why I’m doing what I’m doing. I love helping people to help themselves. Educating them that they can actually do that – help themselves. They come back, sometimes years later and thank me for the advice, or the supplement or cream I gave them that helped them or their family.

Now that…that’s awesome!

I See You, I C U, Eye Cee U!!!

It frustrates me that people trust doctors to fix them…Medical Doctors…Seriously?

Doctors used to know your whole family history. Who your parents were, where your grandparents got their groceries from and who their neighbours were and if they were friends too…you know…the WHOLE picture.

Nowadays you’re lucky they can fit you in, and then all they usually do is give you a pain killer, or a cortizone injection, antibiotic or a script for statins, I’ve even heard some of my clients complain that their doctor asked THEM what was wrong with them!

Seriously? Continue reading It frustrates me that people trust doctors to fix them…Medical Doctors…Seriously?

The Live Your Legend Blog Challenge

I received an e-mail a couple of days ago in my inbox from a blog I subscribe to…and it was just what I needed to vamp up my passion for writing again.

It’s the Start a Blog Challenge on Live your Legend. So I decided to revamp this blog into a Journal Blog documenting EVERYTHING that interests me in my life, as this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.


It’s a 7 day Challenge and Day 1 was setting up a blog and the About page…which I already did, so I just tweaked everything a bit and joined the Facebook Group for the challenge. Oh boy, following bread crumbs there, filling in their form and getting an accountability partner almost got me off track, but I’m back to writing and about to start with Day 2’s challenge: What really makes you angry about the world?

Easy peasy! The fact that people don’t understand that they’re fully responsible for their own well-being. Duh! So see you there!

I See You…I C U…Eye Cee U!!!

I wanne see u in my Inbox – but apparently my e-mail host doesn’t

Man, was I frustrated recently when I discovered the awesome site Story Cartel where you can review some really great books for free in return for a review on Amazon. My frustration came when I didn’t receive the return e-mail confirming my request and more importantly, containing the link for the download site of the book. And worst of all, this was a book on writing that I’ve been dying to read by Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer. (It’s awesome by the way…I’ll expand on it in a future post, still busy gobbling it up!)

Being not on the internet full-time as I stay in South Africa and it still costs quite a bit here, although it’s starting to come down dramatically now, I utilise an internet café to download my e-mail from Hotmail and GMail as I have different accounts for the various facets of my life. So I don’t usually even think of checking the SPAM folder of these accounts as I’m not that aware of them really as I’m not online…and I was sick as well, so my head didn’t work right anyway <grin>

So guess where my LOST e-mails were? I found it finally at Hotmail in the Spam folder, but it magically disappeared into the void at GMail…Luckily I tried another of my e-mail addresses of a local phone network and thankfully got a copy of my sought after book by Jeff 1 DAY before the offer expired!!!! WHEW!!! I lost the other one I wanted to try though, but at least I know what to look for now if I have a no response in my Inbox 16 seconds after choosing the book.

Now I just need to figure out how to prevent this from happening again, as the damn thing gets flushed every month apparently. I discovered some of my other blog subscriptions in there too, so hopefully they will stay where I can see them from now on – in my INBOX! This will mean I will have to spend some time online to figure out how to do this and then to do it! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I subscribe to a lot of blogs via e-mail and can’t always go and add the bloody address to the White List or whatever it’s called. (See, I know why! Just can’t always do it though!)

By the way, if you love reading or are a writer and looking for a platform to link with readers, check out Story Cartel, it’s an awesome idea and a great platform for doing just that and to build up the reviews that push you up in the Amazon Rankings if you’re about to publish there! And while you’re about it – check out Jeff Goins’ Blog on Writing if you haven’t already – he’s a great guy and gives good, solid, down to earth advice on getting on with it!

If you know how I can easily flumox the spam checking dumpers to not trash my good stuff without me knowing about it (there seems to be no fixed pattern, sometimes something goes through, sometimes others from the same source doesn’t…) please leave me a hint in the Comments, will appreciate it GREATLY! Thanks for stopping by.