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Instrumental Genius Mark Knopfler

I will never forget the first time I listened to a Dire Straits Album…

It was advertised on TV and for some or other reason, the clips played only featured the instrumental bits and I absolutely loved it! The album was Love over Gold and I decided to go and listen to it at the music store before I bought it…

I’m not kidding…my first reaction to suddenly hearing this guy’s voice…whaaaaattt?!!! Noooo…this guy can’t sing!

I really really liked the instrumentals though, so I bought the album…and he grew on me, bit by bit. Now I actually like him.

Mark Knopfler has a distinct voice. But I LOVE him playing the guitar.

This is my most favourite song of Dire Straits. It has the most awesome instrumental progressions and sounds I have ever heard and it is haunting and dramatic in turns.

Absolutely love it.

Thanks Mark.

I see you. I C U. Eye Cee U