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I now finally have a digital camera – viva Instagram!

I’ve always loved photography, but I couldn’t always afford the printing costs when it was film based. Then digital came…and I vowed to get back into photography when I got a digital camera. Last year I finally got one and seeing as I also now have a smartphone, I could finally explore Instagram. What can I say…I’m in love! There are SO many awesome people on this planet taking the most amazing photos.

I’ve discovered another world.

I’m so totally hooked on Instagram, it’s not even funny. I’m now taking photos specifically to put onto Instagram. I pout if my husband moans about me taking photos of everything we eat when we go out. I fume if I see something I would like to take a photo of and I can’t stop the car, or I haven’t got my camera with me.

Yup, I’m hooked. Totally and utterly. Continue reading I now finally have a digital camera – viva Instagram!