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Be Impeccable with your Word

We’ve all heard of and seen people blurbing stuff on Facebook and other social media which they shouldn’t have, and have gotten into trouble for. I’m not the type of person who wishes to share my personal life in all its moments on any social platform, but I understand why it’s important for others, but you have to remember that people who read what you’ve written, see it through their rose-tinted, or sometimes (really) dark glasses, put 1 and 2 together, end with 13 and then pass it on with their spin on it, or comment out of fear, insecurity or boredom.

So sometimes things end up where you haven’t even thought of or would never think, because of other people’s interpretation, perspective or just plain bad manners.

This is why “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz is how I like to live by, and in this case – to be impeccable with my word. Continue reading Be Impeccable with your Word

Blog Revamped…and Talking too much…

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 5

As I haven’t been online and giving attention to any of my blogs for such a long time, I had to spend some time re-looking at this blog in particular and how I needed to restructure it to fit in with my use of it as a Journal Blog. So I spent some time redesigning and shuffling and finding the right theme and so on. I needed to update some of the older posts, and add feature images to just make it look a bit better and decided to go with a static front page that shows featured posts as images as I’m a very visually oriented persona and this appealed to me. This meant that I had to adjust descriptions and the About Me page, so I did some rewriting there. It’s reasonably okay now, so I was finally free to actually do some writing! Continue reading Blog Revamped…and Talking too much…

Birth-Year Resolutions and Apps to help with Productivity

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 4

My year has really kicked off at a drop and run rate. I was planning to come to the office a week before we officially started to come and clean and organise, both the space and my thoughts, but for some or other reason people were drastically in need to be sorted out and I ended up starting on Wednesday last week by giving 6 treatments and ending the week by having given 15! Not bad at all for January! Continue reading Birth-Year Resolutions and Apps to help with Productivity

Free Writing – Pretty much how I write

So I’m on the third day (officially) of the My500Words Challenge and I’m keeping tabs on LIFT which is a very cool community site for helping you keep track of your goals and it is actually quite inspiring. Thanks Jeff!

I’m doing my own thing with my writing but it is interesting to have a look at the suggestions Jeff makes for every day. I’m loosely following it, and really enjoying the daily e-mails too that he sends to inspire, push and motivate you to keep going. Continue reading Free Writing – Pretty much how I write

Reinvention Year

I’ve so been in a rut these past couple of years and I need to just shake myself up a bit this year ’cause I’m tired of being in survival mode… Kinda scary but helluva exciting!

So this means that to be able to pursue my dream of writing I need to be in charge of my bread and butter daily stuff, and this area of my life has been a bit stagnant, so I definitely needed to step it up a bit. So…the minute I committed to the My500Words challenge, I started being busy in my working life! Which is kinda cool… and frustrating at the same time, because now I need to make other time to write as my day is now filled where last year it was quiet enough to fit writing in… Continue reading Reinvention Year

My 500 Words Challenge via Goins.Writer

I lost my creative drive for about a period of 2 years after I had to spend hours upon hours for months on end editing video material for a martial arts DVD that we had to compile after our Festival. I just didn’t have the oomph to do anything creative at all after that. It’s only during the last month or so that I’ve even felt like writing anything at all again.

So it was just the right timing when I saw Jeff Goins’ 500 words challenge, a perfect way to get back into a daily writing habit, especially since I’ve recently decided exactly what I would like to write my book/s about!

500words-goinswriter challenge

Continue reading My 500 Words Challenge via Goins.Writer

How to Make Money Online in 2016: An Unexpected Approach

I absolutely LOVE Glen from ViperChill! He is the single most amazing motivator and source of online tools and methods for making money on the internet that I’ve ever come across.

This article of his just accentuates his awesomeness. In it he doesn’t tell you how to make money online…he tells you how to become the best person you can be to do that…and just about anything else you want to accomplish.

Simply astonishing. Continue reading How to Make Money Online in 2016: An Unexpected Approach

My New Favorite Phrase – from Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer

I absolutely loved reading this stunningly simple guide to overcoming fear. And even though it is written for Writers, its principles can be applied to overcoming anyone’s fear of success! It’s simply brilliant. Thanks Jeff.
You are a Writer (so Start Acting like One), by Jeff Goins
is an exploration of what we are afraid of as aspiring authors, i.e. writers that aspire to be published, and Jeff describes his own journey of discovery. He continues though by giving solid, no nonsense in your face type of advice on getting on with it and write already!
I loved every moment of it. But I absolutely adore this one phrase he uses every now and then.
He gives a list of things to do or address, “There are three important parts…da..da..da.”
…and then he says: “Let me unpack that.”
He gives you a suitcase list full of goodies – neatly summarised – and then he proceeds to haul them out, one by one, hold them up to the light and turn them around and make you see them in detail. He unpacks it. SO FLIPPIN’ COOL!

       Let’s unpack those.

I.C.U. dude! Awesome language!

I got a free copy of this book at – for a promise of a review – another awesome idea! If you’re an avid reader like I am, check it out! Talk about it more later…

Story Structure…for Spiritual Growth!

Thanks to my subscription to the Writer’s Blog “Write to Done” I found this absolute gem – the definitive e-guide to Story Structure: Story Structure to Die for when reading some great advice on guest posting.

Now you’ll know (if you’re a blogger) that writing takes discipline and that the headline for your piece is all important to draw people to read your stuff…but to write a best selling story – fiction, you have to get that elusive something that makes your story gripping, just right…and this is what PJ Reece has finally done! He’s caught that elusive fly between the chopsticks, dissected it and presents it in this amazing e-book…for free!

But the thing that got me absolutely excited was that not only did he capture the essence of great storytelling, he did it in such a way that he’s actually describing

those moments in our lives that define our greatest spiritual growth,

those crunch points that make us take decisions that changes our lives!

And THAT is absolutely AWESOME!!!

He’s managed not only to describe what makes award winning stories work, but in a sense he has also defined why we are drawn to stories of this nature, why compelling stories like this are compelling – because they resonate with us at the level of spiritual growth! We know deep down that it is challenges that enable us to grow, that forces us to make choices and it is these choices that defines us and how we rise or fall. We are the heroes of our own stories, and they may not make it to a book or movie, but they’re damn important to us while we’re living them!

So, do you rise to the occasion and become the hero in your own story? I know I’ve had plenty of defining moments in my life and some have taken longer to respond to than others, but I’ve grown enormously and for that I’m infinitely grateful!