A list of some of my favourite places and people online…
As a reference for me – but if you find something of interest too, hey, that’s AWEsome!

Personal Development:

Zen Habits – a blog by Leo Babauta


GoinsWriter – a blog on Writing by Jeff Goins

Write to Done – the best place to find anything on writing

Marketing & Online Business:

Seth Godin – a blog by the guru of marketing

ViperChill – the definitive website if you want to make a living online…I’ve learnt SO much from Glen, he shares amazing stuff in insanely long blogposts that just lifts you to the next level if you’re new at it! Kudos mate!


GoodReads – my virtual bookshelf

Spiritual Growth:

Diana Cooper – One of the top 32 Most Spiritually Influencial People on our Planet

Tim Whild – Guidance to Shift to Higher Vibrations – the New Fifth Dimensional Earth

In5D – In search of Answers to the age old Question of Who are We?


Dr Mercola – The biggest Natural Health Website in the world

What Doctors Don’t Tell You – Anne McTaggart’s Website of Medical Exposure

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