21 Things to Choose from during 21 Days (or more) of Lockdown to Improve Yourself and Your Space

I originally started writing this to post at the start of Lockdown in South Africa but got caught up in Life as the Health Shop I work at is an essential service so we are staying open and… quite frankly, it was a bit stressful to start off with as it seemed like you were travelling to work through the deserted streets of an Apocalypse…so I never quite got there… But now we have 14 more days… So I decided to stick with the original title as that is where it all began…

So all South Africans are holed up at home during an unprecedented National Lockdown… What to do…what to do?

Well quite honestly, I was actually quite glad for the extra time as we’ve just moved into a new house and I haven’t had much time to unpack and properly settle in as this last period has been quite busy for me. I also planned to catch up on writing and planning what I would like to accomplish this year.

I feel that it is important to utilise this time of turmoil & seclusion to get back in touch with ourselves and to go within to find peace and harmony.

I’ve collected some really great resources during the last year or two and would like to share them here. I hope you will find them as useful and inspiring as I did.

Personal Growth

Use this time to invest in learning new things and commit to improve yourself.



  1. Meditations – Hay House Radio
  2. Learn One Thing a Day


  1. Write a Journal – Robin Sharma’s Mastery Session on Journalling



Stay flexible during this time by stretching, and fit by doing at least a Plank a Day.

  1. Yoga – Mindful Exercise
  2. Chi Kung – Mindful Exercise
  3. Plank Challenge
  4. 7 Minute Workout

Get Organised

Declutter your Space:

  1. Konmari Method

Declutter your Devices:

  1. Konmari your Digital Life


  1. Trivia / Any Game of your choice
  2. 30 Seconds


Draw something every day, or if you like photography, post a photo a day on social media.

  1. A Sketch a Day Prompts App
  2. FMS Photo-a-Day


Utilise the wisdom of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People (even if you haven’t read it)

  1. My Effectiveness App


If you’re alone:

  1. Use Social Media to stay in touch with friends and loved ones or expand your network and make new friends. Check in with your friends, colleagues and clients/customers.

If you’re with family:

  1. Play Board Games/Build Puzzles
  2. Teach your Kids new things… Find ways to pass on your Wisdom & Experience


If you’re not already doing it, start a Blog… If you are already blogging, use this time to get ahead with your editorial calendar.

  1. Personal Blog: Keep an online Journal of interesting things you’ve come across or Hobby: Share your experience
  2. Expertise: Share your business skills/experience in learning a new skill
  3. Need to monetise your blog? Explore Pat Flynn‘s vast library of methods & interviews with amazing people who’ve done extraordinary things in the field of Passive Income.

Teach what you know

  1. Set up an online course/programme. Free and/or paid. You can use Facebook to set up a Page and use a private group to teach in and create a Tribe around your niche. Create a short free Challenge to market it and build a database of interested individuals to pitch future endeavours to.

Bonus Resources

Here’s a couple of really interesting blogs to find a wealth of information for decluttered living, writing and online marketing:

Zen Habits by Leo Babauta
Goinswriter by Jeff Goins
Viperchill by Glen Allsop

Instrumental Genius Mark Knopfler

I will never forget the first time I listened to a Dire Straits Album…

It was advertised on TV and for some or other reason, the clips played only featured the instrumental bits and I absolutely loved it! The album was Love over Gold and I decided to go and listen to it at the music store before I bought it…

I’m not kidding…my first reaction to suddenly hearing this guy’s voice…whaaaaattt?!!! Noooo…this guy can’t sing!

I really really liked the instrumentals though, so I bought the album…and he grew on me, bit by bit. Now I actually like him.

Mark Knopfler has a distinct voice. But I LOVE him playing the guitar.

This is my most favourite song of Dire Straits. It has the most awesome instrumental progressions and sounds I have ever heard and it is haunting and dramatic in turns.

Absolutely love it.

Thanks Mark.

I see you. I C U. Eye Cee U


Wisdom from Animals- Dolphin Healing

I’ve always had a deep connection with animals. I preferred to spend time with animals rather than people. To read rather than talk. I was your typical introvert as a child. But I could easily have a conversation with an adult at their level and actually preferred talking to adults rather than the kids my age. Probably because I was well read and interested in many more things than your average kid. I knew how to keep myself busy as well and had lots of hobbies, but reading was what I did a lot and I especially liked going to the library and look up the big books on the animal kingdom.I knew everything about just about any animal on the planet.

But my favourite animal of all was the dolphin. I wanted to become a marine biologist just so I could work with dolphins. It was really sad that in my country of South Africa at that time there wasn’t a lot of job opportunities in that field though, so I had to choose another field of study. But I always had it in the back of my mind to work with dolphins.

When we went to UShaka Marine World in Durban I had an amazing experience of connecting with the Dolphins there whilst I was standing waiting for my husband who had gone to buy sunscreen. I remember closing my eyes and thinking about the dolphins in their pool next door, hoping to be able to go to their show later in the day and wondering what it would be like, when I became aware of their presence and it felt as if I was floating in the ocean with them. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and their calm and joyful spirit will forever stay with me.

So it was no surprise when I started to tune into the unseen realms during giving Treatments to some clients that I felt the dolphins again! And it really felt as if the whole room was underneath the sea with the dolphins all around us. They were adding their healing energy to help assist in the sessions! Absolutely amazing feeling. I had some glass dolphin ornaments in the window of my healing room and so their energy was always present.

I ended up working with dolphins, just not in the way I envisioned!

I had at some stage acquired the book and deck of cards of Jamie Sams and David Carson about Animal Medicine based on Native American beliefs so I was aware of Animal Spirit Guides. According to them, Dolphins have the sound language of the Great Star Nation and they are our link through the Dreamtime to the Great Spirit. They are the communicators to the Stars!

According to the Pleadians the Dolphins are also great Healers and the reason so many of us feel a connection to them is because they healed our shattered spirits in coccoons when we were brought here to Gaia after we experienced our own planet of Maldek exploding.

The Dreamtime is the unseen world, where Angels, Spirit Guides and beings vibrating at higher levels to our physical, third dimensional world hang out. If you raise your vibration you can tune into this world and see/feel it with your inner eye, the Third Eye Chakra on your forehead between your eyes. Some people’s Third Eyes are more open and they can tune in very easily and communicate with the discarnate spirit beings on the Other Side.

There’s always help available,
we’ve just got ask – and be open to receive it.

Be Impeccable with your Word

We’ve all heard of and seen people blurbing stuff on Facebook and other social media which they shouldn’t have, and have gotten into trouble for. I’m not the type of person who wishes to share my personal life in all its moments on any social platform, but I understand why it’s important for others, but you have to remember that people who read what you’ve written, see it through their rose-tinted, or sometimes (really) dark glasses, put 1 and 2 together, end with 13 and then pass it on with their spin on it, or comment out of fear, insecurity or boredom.

So sometimes things end up where you haven’t even thought of or would never think, because of other people’s interpretation, perspective or just plain bad manners.

This is why “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz is how I like to live by, and in this case – to be impeccable with my word. Continue reading Be Impeccable with your Word

Blog Revamped…and Talking too much…

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 5

As I haven’t been online and giving attention to any of my blogs for such a long time, I had to spend some time re-looking at this blog in particular and how I needed to restructure it to fit in with my use of it as a Journal Blog. So I spent some time redesigning and shuffling and finding the right theme and so on. I needed to update some of the older posts, and add feature images to just make it look a bit better and decided to go with a static front page that shows featured posts as images as I’m a very visually oriented persona and this appealed to me. This meant that I had to adjust descriptions and the About Me page, so I did some rewriting there. It’s reasonably okay now, so I was finally free to actually do some writing! Continue reading Blog Revamped…and Talking too much…

Birth-Year Resolutions and Apps to help with Productivity

My500Words 31 Day Challenge – Day 4

My year has really kicked off at a drop and run rate. I was planning to come to the office a week before we officially started to come and clean and organise, both the space and my thoughts, but for some or other reason people were drastically in need to be sorted out and I ended up starting on Wednesday last week by giving 6 treatments and ending the week by having given 15! Not bad at all for January! Continue reading Birth-Year Resolutions and Apps to help with Productivity

Free Writing – Pretty much how I write

So I’m on the third day (officially) of the My500Words Challenge and I’m keeping tabs on LIFT which is a very cool community site for helping you keep track of your goals and it is actually quite inspiring. Thanks Jeff!

I’m doing my own thing with my writing but it is interesting to have a look at the suggestions Jeff makes for every day. I’m loosely following it, and really enjoying the daily e-mails too that he sends to inspire, push and motivate you to keep going. Continue reading Free Writing – Pretty much how I write

Reinvention Year

I’ve so been in a rut these past couple of years and I need to just shake myself up a bit this year ’cause I’m tired of being in survival mode… Kinda scary but helluva exciting!

So this means that to be able to pursue my dream of writing I need to be in charge of my bread and butter daily stuff, and this area of my life has been a bit stagnant, so I definitely needed to step it up a bit. So…the minute I committed to the My500Words challenge, I started being busy in my working life! Which is kinda cool… and frustrating at the same time, because now I need to make other time to write as my day is now filled where last year it was quiet enough to fit writing in… Continue reading Reinvention Year

My 500 Words Challenge via Goins.Writer

I lost my creative drive for about a period of 2 years after I had to spend hours upon hours for months on end editing video material for a martial arts DVD that we had to compile after our Festival. I just didn’t have the oomph to do anything creative at all after that. It’s only during the last month or so that I’ve even felt like writing anything at all again.

So it was just the right timing when I saw Jeff Goins’ 500 words challenge, a perfect way to get back into a daily writing habit, especially since I’ve recently decided exactly what I would like to write my book/s about!

500words-goinswriter challenge

Continue reading My 500 Words Challenge via Goins.Writer

How to Make Money Online in 2016: An Unexpected Approach

I absolutely LOVE Glen from ViperChill! He is the single most amazing motivator and source of online tools and methods for making money on the internet that I’ve ever come across.

This article of his just accentuates his awesomeness. In it he doesn’t tell you how to make money online…he tells you how to become the best person you can be to do that…and just about anything else you want to accomplish.

Simply astonishing. Continue reading How to Make Money Online in 2016: An Unexpected Approach

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