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My New Favorite Phrase – from Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer

I absolutely loved reading this stunningly simple guide to overcoming fear. And even though it is written for Writers, its principles can be applied to overcoming anyone’s fear of success! It’s simply brilliant. Thanks Jeff.
You are a Writer (so Start Acting like One), by Jeff Goins
is an exploration of what we are afraid of as aspiring authors, i.e. writers that aspire to be published, and Jeff describes his own journey of discovery. He continues though by giving solid, no nonsense in your face type of advice on getting on with it and write already!
I loved every moment of it. But I absolutely adore this one phrase he uses every now and then.
He gives a list of things to do or address, “There are three important parts…da..da..da.”
…and then he says: “Let me unpack that.”
He gives you a suitcase list full of goodies – neatly summarised – and then he proceeds to haul them out, one by one, hold them up to the light and turn them around and make you see them in detail. He unpacks it. SO FLIPPIN’ COOL!

       Let’s unpack those.

I.C.U. dude! Awesome language!

I got a free copy of this book at StoryCartel.com – for a promise of a review – another awesome idea! If you’re an avid reader like I am, check it out! Talk about it more later…