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WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone

Scary Scary Scary !
I see you, I C U, Eye Cee U …too much!

Be aware that if you take photos with your cellphone and you haven’t switched this off, you can be traced, followed, stalked or monitored for ripping off or your house broken into!

It’s the Geotagging option – SWITCH IT OFF! It gives away your position and if you post your photos on Social Media, it’s very easy to find out exactly where you are.

…and you don’t tell everyone where you are all the time…do you? If you’re a teenager, it’s cool to share things with your friends, but remember, you’re also sharing them with the whole wide world unless you’ve ensured that you don’t by setting your Facebook settings to friends only, even friends of friends are dodgy if you’re sharing every move online all the time. Become aware of what you’re sharing and who it’s landing in front of, or who’s looking for it for their own reasons. Because unfortunately there are people out there that do just that…looking for people they can rip off for whatever dark reason’s foremost in their minds. Just become aware of what you’re doing and just…don’t. share. everything. seriously.

…especially if you’re a woman or a girl. Don’t do it.

Find your Location Setting in your Phone’s Settings and switch off this Geotagging option. If you need it to use Google Maps, then only switch it on when you need it, then switch it off again…oh darn, I just remembered that I didn’t after I used it the other day. Luckily I don’t share everything on Social Media, so I’m fine, but if you do…that might just provide someone with info that you didn’t want to share. Make sure it’s OFF!

…Mine’s off now!

To find out how to turn yours off here’s a great article that explains it in detail.

google-location on cell phone