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I wanne see u in my Inbox – but apparently my e-mail host doesn’t

Man, was I frustrated recently when I discovered the awesome site Story Cartel where you can review some really great books for free in return for a review on Amazon. My frustration came when I didn’t receive the return e-mail confirming my request and more importantly, containing the link for the download site of the book. And worst of all, this was a book on writing that I’ve been dying to read by Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer. (It’s awesome by the way…I’ll expand on it in a future post, still busy gobbling it up!)

Being not on the internet full-time as I stay in South Africa and it still costs quite a bit here, although it’s starting to come down dramatically now, I utilise an internet café to download my e-mail from Hotmail and GMail as I have different accounts for the various facets of my life. So I don’t usually even think of checking the SPAM folder of these accounts as I’m not that aware of them really as I’m not online…and I was sick as well, so my head didn’t work right anyway <grin>

So guess where my LOST e-mails were? I found it finally at Hotmail in the Spam folder, but it magically disappeared into the void at GMail…Luckily I tried another of my e-mail addresses of a local phone network and thankfully got a copy of my sought after book by Jeff 1 DAY before the offer expired!!!! WHEW!!! I lost the other one I wanted to try though, but at least I know what to look for now if I have a no response in my Inbox 16 seconds after choosing the book.

Now I just need to figure out how to prevent this from happening again, as the damn thing gets flushed every month apparently. I discovered some of my other blog subscriptions in there too, so hopefully they will stay where I can see them from now on – in my INBOX! This will mean I will have to spend some time online to figure out how to do this and then to do it! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I subscribe to a lot of blogs via e-mail and can’t always go and add the bloody address to the White List or whatever it’s called. (See, I know why! Just can’t always do it though!)

By the way, if you love reading or are a writer and looking for a platform to link with readers, check out Story Cartel, it’s an awesome idea and a great platform for doing just that and to build up the reviews that push you up in the Amazon Rankings if you’re about to publish there! And while you’re about it – check out Jeff Goins’ Blog on Writing if you haven’t already – he’s a great guy and gives good, solid, down to earth advice on getting on with it!

If you know how I can easily flumox the spam checking dumpers to not trash my good stuff without me knowing about it (there seems to be no fixed pattern, sometimes something goes through, sometimes others from the same source doesn’t…) please leave me a hint in the Comments, will appreciate it GREATLY! Thanks for stopping by.