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Story Structure…for Spiritual Growth!

Thanks to my subscription to the Writer’s Blog “Write to Done” I found this absolute gem – the definitive e-guide to Story Structure: Story Structure to Die for when reading some great advice on guest posting.

Now you’ll know (if you’re a blogger) that writing takes discipline and that the headline for your piece is all important to draw people to read your stuff…but to write a best selling story – fiction, you have to get that elusive something that makes your story gripping, just right…and this is what PJ Reece has finally done! He’s caught that elusive fly between the chopsticks, dissected it and presents it in this amazing e-book…for free!

But the thing that got me absolutely excited was that not only did he capture the essence of great storytelling, he did it in such a way that he’s actually describing

those moments in our lives that define our greatest spiritual growth,

those crunch points that make us take decisions that changes our lives!

And THAT is absolutely AWESOME!!!

He’s managed not only to describe what makes award winning stories work, but in a sense he has also defined why we are drawn to stories of this nature, why compelling stories like this are compelling – because they resonate with us at the level of spiritual growth! We know deep down that it is challenges that enable us to grow, that forces us to make choices and it is these choices that defines us and how we rise or fall. We are the heroes of our own stories, and they may not make it to a book or movie, but they’re damn important to us while we’re living them!

So, do you rise to the occasion and become the hero in your own story? I know I’ve had plenty of defining moments in my life and some have taken longer to respond to than others, but I’ve grown enormously and for that I’m infinitely grateful!