In the Eye of the Storm

Hi there!

You’ve stumbled onto my online Journal…It’s my personal online space, a place I’ve created where I can document the AWEsomeness of our world, stuff available on the web, and keep a record for myself (and everything I’ve seen) to say (thank you Avatar!)

I See You ! Eye C U ! Eye Cee U !

Image Credit: Kvornanthelafesta - Flickr

I will also rant, muse, think aloud and in general just put down my thought processes, my explorations online (and off), my personal growth, daily life experiences and challenges. So as I continue, the Tabs at the top of the page will expand to group it better. There are also Categories on the right (Main Eyes) for you to dip into.

I love following bread crumbs all over the web, usually around a cup of coffee (I have a slight obsession about Cappucino’s), so there’s a LOT of Stuff going on in my head when I go meandering, I’m a real gypsy at heart, so this is the collection point to try and bring some semblance of order to all the chaos.

You can find out a bit more about myself and my interests here.

Hopefully you’ll find something on these pages that will maybe inspire you too!

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